Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

What are the best ankle boots for women?

Just as a classic white shirt or a well-fitting pair of jeans, a pair of ankle boots is essential in any woman’s capsule wardrobe. What they might lack in height, they make up for in versatility.  We’d be willing to bet that if there’s one style of shoe you can slip on from late March through mid-September, it’s an ankle boot. As with all wardrobe basics, there’s a vast sea of options to consider before settling on the ones that are right for you. So, how do you choose what’s the best ankle boot for you?

What is the most suitable material for an ankle boot?

In short, our recommendation would be suede or plain leather. While you might think that plain leather would be more durable, House of Cinnamon Suede boots have all been treated with a protective spray that provides an additional shield against the effects of both dirt and water.

This makes your choice a little easier. Suede boots definitely offer a more expensive, high-end look, but plain leather ones are timeless, durable and will last forever.

What is the most chic colour for an ankle boot?

Now it’s time to choose the colour! House of Cinnamon offers a wide selection of various classic browns and blacks from which to pick, as well as a red and navy for some flair! Colour is the perfect way to ensure your ankle boots complement any outfit. Your timeless black and browns will match up with anything – jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses, while your red, nudes and navy boots will provide the perfect accent or contrast to any outfit.

What is the most stylish shape for an ankle boot?

House of Cinnamon’s Suna boots are designed in a slightly asymmetric shape with an almond-shaped toe and set on a slightly raised heel. This classic shaped boot is perfect for wearing with everything, from denim to printed skirts and dresses. Other options include the more robust Taylor Veldskoen, a classy African staple with an almond-shaped toe, or the Emilia bootie, an ankle length brogue that adds sophistication and style to any outfit.

So how should you wear your ankle boots? Well, the opportunities are endless and the options only bounded by your imagination. Winter is here and, given the range of House of Cinnamon footwear, combining panache, style and comfort have never been this easy.

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