Autumm/Winter 2018

A curated selection

The House of Cinnamon  A/W 2018 collection reflects the richness of the changing seasons in a colour palette that takes its cue from the beautiful autumn and winter hues. Our winter essentials include luxurious loafers, timeless animal print loafers and exquisite leather ankle boots. In order  to showcase the diversity of handcrafted and unique accessories grounded in Afro-European roots we introduced a range of carefully selected jewelry from East African Lifestyle Brand Seringa,  as well as one-off, hand-printed scarves from Italian luxury brand Broska. This range captures the spirit of youth, grace and elegance and expresses a deep appreciation for the unique character of one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Photography:  Andile Buka

Styling:  Frances Edwards

H&M:  Les Whitby