House of Cinnamon


House of Cinnamon is a curated collection of handmade, limited edition accessories grounded in Afro European roots.  The collection is curated by Frances Edwards.

Cinnamon Shoes is a South African luxury shoe brand that was founded by Frances.

Edwards design approach may be characterized as innovative  yet simple and strikingly stylish.  Every pair of hand-crafted flats, loafers, sandals is produced with great care and pride. This is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail and the quality.  

In these times of “fast fashion”, mass production and built-in redundancy, House Of Cinnamon is committed, instead,  to growing Southern African small enterprises by promoting the consistent, high-level  'conscious' manufacture of unique footwear.  'I believe in owning fewer, but beautiful, long-lasting pieces' says Edwards.

The designs are inspired by the influential women in Edwards' life, after whom her shoes are named.

Frances Edwards was born and raised in both Namibia and South Africa.  After completing her studies in Cape Town, she lived and worked  in London and Zurich before deciding to return to Africa.  Her goal was to offer a product that is locally made, classically tailored and beautiful.