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    Our Projects

    House of Cinnamon is currently involved in three social responsibility programmes.  

    1)    Under Our 'House of Cinnamon Shoe Project', we accept worn but wearable shoes for the Nkhensani Orphanage based in Alexandra by offering customers a “one-pair-for-one-pair” 20% discount for donating such shoes when purchasing  a pair of Cinnamons. 

    For more information on the Nkhensani Orphanage: http://www.charitysa.co.za/nkhensanis-abused-and-abandoned-orphans.html


    2)   At House of Cinnamon, we understand that education is the key to success and, therefore, we sponsor children's schooling needs through the Bakomoso Education Trust.    

    We are currently sponsoring Lerato Ncube, a 15 year old girl presently in Grade 9 at the Bishop Bavin School. Her favourite subjects are Maths and English, and she recently won a prize for achieving between 70% and 80% for both subjects.  Apart from this, she also started a bible study group together with her dormitory peers in boarding school. When she grows up, Lerato would like to study to become a Maths Teacher.


    3) House of Cinnamon stands firmly behind the notion of choosing consciously and responsibly. We have partnered with the Two Oceans Aquarium in the efforts of trying  to combat environmental degradation and conserve oceanic wildlife, by producing a bamboo shopper.

    By now, we all know how damaging single-use plastics are for our environment.  Items such as grocery bags, used only  for an average of 12 minutes, remain on this planet for half a millennium until they fully biodegrade. Apart from this, plastic waste of all kinds poses multiple threats to wildlife through consumption and entanglement.  More recent scientific reports highlight dangers posed by plastic odours that mimic the natural food of some animal species and the absorption of toxic chemicals. Minute plastic particles also accumulate higher up in  the food chain, with studies showing that we are likely ingesting it through seafood without realizing the risk.


    Some of the children of Nkhensani 


                               Mama Peggy                                                          Bongani


                                  Kgolisho                                                     Tentswalo


                                Neo                                                         Liukhelo


                               Matsie                                                            Kamo 


                            Sinovuyo                                                               Tukiso 


                            Nhlakanipho                                                             Rea


    Our Lerato:

    For more information on the Bakomoso Education Trust: http://bokamosotrust.org.za

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