Collection: The White Shirt

House of Cinnamon has teamed up with South African fashion and lifestyle brand LUNAR to create that perfectly styled, crisp white blouse.  A perennial must-have, unique in its design and exquisite detail.  Wear with cropped trousers at work, shorts at the weekend, or combine it effortlessly with a simple pair of blue jeans.  

The partnership between House of Cinnamon and LUNAR clothing is based on a common ethos and shared commitment to the use of natural pigment dyes and materials and sustainable fibres such as linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, organic cotton and wool.  We strive to create clothing that is authentic, both in fabric and in design, expressing local flavour through exceptional styles and quality workmanship.  

As a responsible brand, we acknowledge the importance of Fair Trade and of ensuring decent working conditions for those who produce the items we offer and showcase. By collaborating with LUNAR clothing, we support fellow entrepreneurs and sustainable business practices and exemplify the value of empowering local crafters and artists.

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